Sometimes Orlando Home Buyers make mistakes and start working with the wrong  buyers agent.  Many times they do not realize it until they spend the day with their Orlando Buyers Agent before recognizing that it is not a good match. 

No worries…if you do not have a written listing contract with your buyers agent, you are free to go find another Orlando Buyers Agent…preferably an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent that will represent only you in a real estate transaction, and never the seller.  Find an Orlando Buyers Agent or for outside of Florida go to the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents.


Here are some tips to follow when changing Real Estate Buyers Agents:

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 1.  Decide why you no longer wish to work with your current Buyers Agent.  If they are a pushy buyers agent, don’t return calls, are uninformed, or you just get the feeling that they are not truely representing you, it is time to change.  If however the Buyers Agent is doing everything right except showing you what you have in mind, than maybe the problem is not your buyers agent, but rather the fact that the house of your dreams does not exist in your budget.

2.  Communicate with your Buyers Agent and tell them what you need.  Open communication is a necessity in any good relationship.  If bringing your problem out in the open does not improve the situation immediately, it is time to say good bye and say it quickly…do not procrastinate.

3. Last but most important, say “Good-Bye” to your buyers agent in writing.  Keep a paper trail of documentation that you terminated the relationship in case the Buyers Agent tries to claim the commission on a property you wish to buy with your next agent.  Make it clear that you are no longer going to work with them and document the reason you wish to change Buyers Agents.

Never leave your agent hanging and wondering what happened to you by ignoring their phone calls or e-mails.  Do the right thing and let your real estate agent know that you have moved on to someone else.  After all, good or bad, that Orlando Buyers Agent did spend some time and gas money on you. 

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