Some home sellers want to sell and some are not motivated…and some home sellers are downright cheapskates.

orllando home buyingHere are 3 red flags to spot home sellers where negotiations will be difficult.

1. Overpriced property has been on the market for 6 months without any price drop. Contrary to what many buyers believe, sellers typically do not come to their senses and do a sudden drastic price drop. Motivated sellers will make occasional price reductions…(unless they really can’t because they owe too much).

2. Motivated sellers do not take the light fixtures or drapes… When seller start listing “exclusions” from the sale that is a red flag that the cheapskates are counting pennies.

3. Sellers who want to point out the 20 year old “upgrades” will be difficult to negotiate because they live in the past and are emotionally vested to re-coup every penny they spent on the property.

Negotiating a good sales price takes a skilled buyers agent and a reasonable seller…some sellers need to move and want to sell while others really don’t care if they sell or not. For your best chance at getting a good buy call the Exclusive Buyers Agents 407-539-1053

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