1.  Be a negative Home Buyer.  Don’t try to see if this house may work for your needs.  Instead, look for flaws and make a list of everything that is not perfect .  Find fault with the paint colors, front door and the type of flowers in the yard.

2.  Over analyze the property.  Ask your agent for comparable sold properties for the past 24 months so that you can make a spreadsheet to show how overpriced this property is in today’s market.  Dwell on picturing a nicer house for less money…

3.  Don’t listen to your agent.  After all, their Real Estate experience means nothing.  Instead, get advice from your friends and co-workers who know everything because they probably bought a house in the past 10 years, so they are the experts.

4.  Low ball the nicest home you see…really low.  Ignore the fact that there are 8 other offers on the property.  Play hardball and let everyone know that you really don’t need to buy.


 ONLY KIDDING…Home Buyer Dreaming

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