Orlando homes for sale“Bait and Switch’ is a game many real estate agents play when advertising homes for sale in Orlando… in order to get unsuspecting home buyers to call their office by “dangling” a property that is really no longer available for sale and not on the market.

As more home buyers go to the internet to search for homes, there are more and more websites with bogus information…namely properties that are still advertised as available for sale, when they are already under contract or in some cases sold and closed many months ago…and sometimes the property was even sold years ago, when the prices were lower. When searching for homes for sale in Orlando, home buyers just need to be aware that not all the properties they find advertised are really as it seems.

There is also that Orlando open house…where agents hold a home open that already has an existing contract…”oops that is sold, but let me show you my other one, that is better”…deceitful at best. Most times the existing contract is cash or the deal is solid.

Why the “bait and swith” on Orlando homes for sale?

Because Orlando Agents want to make the phone ring by promoting their listings…even if they are no longer for sale. It is called “snag a buyer with bait and switch”. A home buyer will call to inquire and then the agent says “Oh gee…we JUST sold that, but I have another one…”

This “Bait and Switch” is…

  • Misleading to the home buyer who thought they just found a special property that no one else had.
  • Frustrating to the home buyers agent who spent hours trying to track down this falsely advertised fake.
  • Unfair to all the listing agents that do follow the rules and work hard to update the correct status.

To all the home buyers searching on agents personal websites…home buyer be aware you might falling in love with a “bait and switch” property that was sold two years ago. For accurate information and to check on something you found, give us a call and let us check it out for you…no charge, just courteous service!

PS: …and a big thank you to those real estate agents that do keep their listings updated.

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