TRUE MAITLAND REAL ESTATE STORY : Maitland Listing Agent,  Maitland Buyers Agent, Maitland Cash Buyer, and a Maitland “fixer” Bank Owned property.  Buyer closes with his title company on a Thursday and pays CASH (money already wired in). The keys are still in the lockbox hanging on the Maitland with no keys

Immediately upon closing, the Maitland listing agent sends me an e-mail saying “Do not give out the keys until the bank authorizes me to release the keys to you”.  I did not respond…no need to because the buyer planned to secure HIS property and change the locks on HIS OWN house.  (Don’t forget the Maitland real estate story…the buyer just paid cash for the house and the closing is over).

The following Tuesday (yes, 5 days after closing) the Maitland listing agent decides to drive by the Maitland house and finds the buyer working on their own Maitland Property.  He goes into a rage yelling and screaming and threatens to call the cops to throw the buyer out of his Maitland home because the bank still has not yet “authorized” the release of keys.

The Maitland Realtor and my buyer almost came to blows over the fact that the buyer had changed the locks on his very own Maitland house…the house he paid cash for 5 days earlier,  How crazy is that???  Even more crazy is that the broker of the office actually agreed with the agent!!!  I guess its also true in real estate…that the apple never falls far from the tree.

Here is the best part…the house in Maitland was NEVER LOCKED, because some doors did not have locks and the sliding glass door in the back was busted! 

If something happened to this Maitland house on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday…who do you think would be held responsible for any vandal damage? 

The bank who no longer owns the Maitland property?  or the listing agent who stupidly thinks he still has control of the house? 

The only person responsible for any house damage would be the current owner of the house!   It’s a good thing that the home buyer was smart enough to change the locks…too bad some real estate agents do not have a lick of common sense to see that.

House Keys need to be released to the buyer at the closing and funding…period, end of story…the bank and their Maitland Florida Real Estate Agent just need to butt out.

Copyright @ Buyers Broker of Florida “Butt out Maitland Florida Realtor and give me the @#$%&* house keys!!