Buyer Agent in Orlando will never throw the Home Buyer under the train

Seriously, I mean it.  This Orlando Buyers Agency office  will never, ever throw the home buyer under the train…and there have been plenty of Buyer Agent in Orlando Helps home buyersopportunities:

  • Like the time… that Orlando roofer offered to write me a favorable report on a roof that needed to be replaced(Not a chance, don’t sugar coat…the home buyer needs to know the truth)
  • Like the time… the Orlando listing agent tried to give me the “we are buddies” you really don’t expect the seller to fix the small items on the inspection report, do you? (Please read the contract again and then yes, have the seller fix it.)
  • >Like the time… the Orlando seller walked off with the top-of-the-line appliances and the listing agents response was “So what?? They were not planning on leaving them”.  (You bet I stomped my feet. Money was held back at closing until the appliances were brought back in good shape) 
  • Like the time… a Orlando bank decided to keep the buyers $5,000 escrow deposit because the buyer did not get financing fast enough…for a complex that was not only NOT financeable by anyone, AND was actually on the banks very own “black balled” list (I quickly sent e-mails…to the officers of the bank telling them that I would be contacting the local TV news channel and the Orlando Sentinel newspaper spilling the beans on how they are cheating consumers by keeping escrow deposits because of buyers inability to find financing on homes that they themselves refuse to finance…the escrow deposit was released within the hour…I swear, it was that fast.)

I have lots more stories and they are not fairy tales…this is what happens in real estate transactions in Florida every day…the problem is that the home buyer is never told or is cajoled into accepting that nothing can be done about their problem.  Real Estate Agents that represent the seller or “Transaction Brokers” will not bother to help you either, because that is NOT their job. 

Don’t kid yourself.  This is Florida, where every home buyer needs someone on their home buyers side that is experienced in knowing how to solve the buyers problem.   We work only for the home buyer…never for the sellerwhich is a benefit to the home buyer.   Call us and tell us what we can do for you. 407-539-1053


 Copyright @ Buyers Broker of Florida 2013 “Buyer Agent in Orlando will never throw the Home Buyer under the train”

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