My dad spoke 7 languages and my mom spoke 5, so I grew up around accents…but that is not the only thing I understand about foreign home buyers buying in Orlando. I understand the various cultures, simply because a large portion of our business comes from foreign home buyers that live out of the country.

Here are some of my Orlando foreign home buyers observations: ar135570000935175

  • Foreign Home Buyers will take the time to do research in order to avoid foolish mistakes.
  • Foreign Home Buyers typically do not buy more than they need.
  • Foreign Home Buyers usually understand “agency” and want representation.
  • Foreign Home Buyers are sometime too trusting.

Many Foreign Home Buyers still believe it is OK to do business on a handshake. I have to admire that, because that is how I have been raised. Your word is everything. Maybe that is why I understand how to work well with Foreign Home Buyers.

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