Ok, I admit it…I prefer to work with men…and no, as a long time married woman, I am not looking for a date.

Real Estate is a business and more men treat it as such…strictly business. The lady realtors….well lets just say many get too emotionally involved. I don’t want the drama, just give me the counter offer!keep calm

keep calmI don’t care that your seller is over extended and needs full price to move on…I only care that it is 20% overpriced!!!

  • Bamboo flooring does not make the price go up $90K…there is no catagory on the home appraisal for “pretty” flooring.

Lets get real: My client makes an offer, if it does not work for your seller, just say so…keep it factual, save the tears and drama…it isn’t personal. It’s just a real estate transaction and it needs to stay strictly business…

Getting emotional does not add higher value to the house.

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