I rarely re-post anyone’s blog, but this one is exceptional.

Written by Andi Grant in Long Beach California, she has hit the nail on the head as far as the “reality” of choosing an agent for your homebuying.

Since we only and always represent the best interest of the buyer, I thought it fit perfectly.

Thank you for reading…

ar131922768615444 - ealexander_pending.comThere have been a lot of alarm posts published in the media and even here lately about the potential need for real estate agents diminishing.  With FSBOs being able to use Realtor.com to post photos of their listings (a website supported by Realtor dues I might add), and with buyers using IDX on aggregate Real estate websites to perform home searches, this perpetuates the idea to some that the Realtor is now going the way of the defunct travel agent industry.

Excuse me but if a home buyer is comparing booking a $5000 trip and wearing a colorful wristband to let’s say purchasing a $400,000 home and wearing a mortgage for 30 years, then they need their head checked because it’s leaking common sense reminding of something I’ve said over and over again.So much for saving money.... - ealexander_pending.com

There is someone who is giving away money (the buyer) and someone who is taking it (the seller).  Who has the most to lose in that situation without representation?  Is it not the buyer?  It was only a few decades ago that home buyers sounded the alarm and were crying foul regarding unscrupulous sellers ripping them off that created a justified need for some form of buyer protection and representation.  If buyers knew half of what What Realtors Do for Buyers, they would understand that home buying is more than a simple click of a mouse and looking at enhanced property photos. 

Using professional representation will always go back to what a home buyer or home seller values most – their investment and making the smartest and wisest informed decisions that will ultimately save or make them the most money in the long run.  Would you willingly represent yourself or allow the other side’s counsel to represent you in a legal case that could cost you the same $400,000?  Of course not.  Why would you do it in a real estate deal where buyer representation is in most cases FREE to yWhy gamble on what could possibly be the single most important investment of your life by not having your own full service representation? - ealexander_pending.comou. 

If a buyer has bought into the idea of not using a full service buyer’s agent and going directly to the seller or using the listing agent as their shared representation (an agent’s whose first contracted primary duty is to that of the seller) that is up to them.  It’s their decision.  A risky one, but ultimately theirs.  I want people to see the value in using my Realtor services because they want to not because they feel they have to.  There is nothing half-hearted in my representation of my clients when respecting and protecting their interests.  I’d rather have a client who could respect and appreciate that mutual goal, than one that doesn’t.

There is also a new trend with buyers choosing to use limited service agents in the hopes of getting a deal or kickback. I’m not a big proponent of assembly line a la carte buyer services with one agent showing the house to the buyer, another showing up for the inspections, another one showing up for doc signing and calling you Karen when your name is Kathryn because they don’t know you from Adam or what haLooking for strong full-service Realtor representation?  Call 310-508-4354 - ealexander_pending.coms transpired in your particular deal from beginning to end.  How much easier is it for something to fall through the cracks that way? 

If that is the kind of limited agent services you are looking for when buying your home, then I’m not the Realtor for you.  Every real estate transaction is different and in my opinion should never be treated as a one size fits all.  You simply can’t shortcut and Mickey-Mouse something as important as buying your home – YOUR HOME!  Unlike a travel agent who doesn’t take the trip with you and help you through the unchartered waters and pitfalls of foreign territory, a great Realtor will be walking in front of you, bearing the brunt of attacks, watching for traps and protecting and fighting for your best interests from the beginning of your homebuying journey until you are safely HOME.

If you are looking for your own strong representation whether it be on the buying or listing side, do not hesitate to call me at 310-508-4354 and I will be more than happy to help you every step of the way.