Can the listing agent control the home buyer? The short answer is no. The long answer is never. There was a recent blog post that a listing agent wrote about their list of RULES for the home buyer…needless to say, the blog was deleted, but not forgotten.

The rules were outrageous. Even if the buyer has their own agent, this listing agent forbids the buyer to contact building and zoning for information, forbids the buyer from contacting the builder or president of the condo board…and wants to handle all the details personally…MONKEYSclaiming that is their job and this listing agent does not like having someone unlicensed doing due diligence on one of their listings.

WHAAAT??? I was stunned just reading it. Who gave this controlling agent authority to dictate anything to the home buyers? The listing agent has NO relationship with the home buyer and therefore cannot even suggest any “rules”. They simply need to butt out and step aside.

That is no different than the buyers agent forbidding the seller to speak with the home inspector. Fact is, the seller or buyer can investigate all they want and speak to everyone… and it is not up to any agent to approve of it.

If the buyer wants to contact code enforcement, permitting, zoning, tax assessor’s office, the HOA board, the builder, school principal or all of the above….they certainly can, and more power to them…no one can stop them.

And let not forget about “FULL” disclosure. The smartest thing that any buyers agent can do is not rely of what someone else says and provide the buyer with additional investigative findings or give the contact information to the home buyer and let them investigate on their own…hopefully stepping out of the circle of liability. An agent that tries to control/limit what the buyer investigates or who they talk to is creating liability for themselves and missing the point of what due diligence is all about.

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