This is an excellent analogy for home buyers. A few homebuyers think because they are smart at their job, that they also know how to buy real estate on their own. They really don’t know what they don’t know and always need an Exclusive Buyers Agent to show them the best homebuying options.

Excellent Blog Carla…thank you.

Eve in Orlando

Buyers Playing Realtor® . . . You Can’t Play the Game if You Don’t Know the Rules

As an Exclusive Buyers Agent — that means that my real estate practice is Buyer-centric — I’ve not taken a listing or represented sellers for years.

Since 1999, when I became licensed, I have seen the the shift in buyers with the advance of the Internet.

Now, it seems, buyers seem to think they know all about real estate, especially the representation of . . . themselves.

Story time: In 1979 my Grandfather passed away. I was 21-years old. At the time, my Father was in Switzerland, my Mother was already in Heaven, so I was the one who took over. Although my Grandpa had a Will and had selected an estate attorney — I didn’t like him. Fortunately, I got a second opinion and the estate lawyer I retained was HONEST! He toid me, and I’ll never forget:

“You did the right thing with finding someone else. There are ways you would have gotten robbed. I won’t get into how, but you wouldn’t have known what hit you!”

I knew NOTHING about probate, estates, wills, trusts, the courts, etc. I would not have KNOWN what the first estate attorney was doing or not doing. If he manipulated the estate, I wouldn’t have known — I HAD NO EXPERIENCE. I just didn’t like him and my spidey senses did me right!

buyerbewareWhen I take on a client to REPRESENT, under contract as their Fiduciary, I am the player in the game who knows HOW TO PLAY IT!

Try this: Sit down with an unfamiliar board game, or on-line card game and play it . . . The one rule is: YOU DO NOT KNOW THE RULES.

If you haven’t played the game and you don’t know what the rules are . . . yeah, good luck with that.

Sure, the cards are very familiar to you, the game pieces look innocent enough . . . but what are the goals? What are the rules? How is the opponent playing their hand?

Buying Real Estate is a series of complex business decisions. It is NOT an emotional game and you can’t buy a house based on pretty pictures found on the Internet, or simply wanting to “get a good deal.”

A buyer can not possibly know how to play the game by not knowing what the goals are, what the rules are, how the other side is playing their hand.

Finding the RIGHT AGENT to REPRESENT YOU when buying real estate is the BEST MOVE a Buyer can make.