Chiropractic for pets in Winter Park Florida

Some may think that any medical pet treatment other than a pill or surgery is voodoo…but not so.  There are many alternative treatments for Pets that involve natural and holistic care,  which in many cases can be more effective than traditional care.

Chiropratic, Acupuncture, and Natural remedies should always be considered as an option for optimal health, particularly for active or senior pets. 

Finding an alternative Veterinary office is not easy, but Winter Park Florida has one of the best:

Veterinary Acupuncture and Complimentary Therapy Clinic

Constance A. Dinatale D.V.M

743 Clay Street

Winter Park, Fl. 32789


Dr. Dinatale’s office has treated all of the dogs pictured, each one of them are senior dogs who are still having fun.  Hershey, pictured above is 12 years old and still swims and rides the jet ski…as do the little ones…Macho Man, Ms. Peanut, and Blondie, ages 7 to 11 years.accupuncture for dogs in winter park

Some of the pet treatments offered are:

Chiropractic: the practice of manipulating the spine and joints to prevent and treat disease.  Dr. “D” has adjusted my  dogs weighing  from 5 lbs. to 85 lbs. for general maintenance,  joints and also treated a few of my foster dogs for hip issues.

Acupuncture:  helps the body to heal itself. Contrary to the thought of being stuck with needles, the needles are so  small and thin that the dogs do not notice most of the needles…or maybe Dr. “D” places them first in the right spot to relax the dog…good job, Dr. “D”…

Chinese Medicine:  used for optimal health and treatment of imbalances.  I have used Chinese medicine as substitutes for pain medicine for dogs, and treated a few foster dogs for intestinal issues.

Homeopathy and Nutrition:  It is my belief that a pet is only as healthy as the food and supplements that they take.  Usually changing the diet will do wonders for the coat, intestinal constitution, joint health,  energy level and quality of life.

Winter Park Canine chiropractic

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