orlando home buyerYesterday we got a very long scathing e-mail from an out-of -state Home Buyer who had been searching for Orlando homes on our website: http://OrlandoHomeExplorer.com/.  He was not shy about blasting us about  greedy sellers, over priced Orlando properties and his opinion about every aspect of Real Estate in Central Florida, including new home construction. 
orlando real estate

I thought about the Orlando investment condo that I bought 6 years ago…in the Orlando community that is now selling for only 25% of what I paid… and decided not to even bother with a response…I got worn out just reading the diatribe…

I do not sell stocks, understand cars, or cook good…so, I would never embarrass  myself by  pretending to be an authority about something  I have no experience with.  I just don’t get it!  How can looking at pictures on our website make any home buyer an authority on Central Florida real estate?

Only Orlando Real Estate Agents have the expertise to know Orlando Real Estate!  

A Real Estate Authority is an experienced Orlando Real Estate Buyers Agent who  works in the trenches daily along with home buyer clients… a real estate agent that locates specific Orlando Real Estate:  analyzes Orlando Property,  shows Orlando Homes,  determine Central Florida property values, write offers, negotiate contracts, re-negotiate contracts , understands 1031 exchanges, foreclosures, short sales, investment property, home loans, title insurance, mitigation reports, surveys, appraisals…and also knows how to read the small print in the 96 page builder contract…     orlando real estate market

Dear Mr. Orlando Home Buyer @ I-think-I-know-Orlando-Real-Estate.com:  Sorry, but you are so wrong…about everything…

Here is the latest video on the Orlando Real Estate Market .  To discuss property values in different cities,  compare communities, learn what you can buy for your budget, or discuss your best home buying options,  please call  Buyers Broker of Florida at 407-539-1053 and tell us about your home buying needs.

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