the truth about home buying in OrlandoI try not to work with the Orlando home buyer “dreamers” but occasionally, one slips in that thinks that the rules of buying when the Orlando home supply is short and the demand is great, does not apply to them.

If the above sounds familiar, than yes, this letter is to you…please read it twice.

Dear Orlando Home Buyer:

I know you come from a city up north where sellers are negotiating like crazy because real estate sales are dismal. Orlando home sales are not like that…Orlando homes sales are brisk. Our home inventory is shrinking daily and is at the lowest it has been in 7 years. Home sellers with something nice to sell know it and no one is “giving their house away”.

Yes, I do know that your company transferred you to Orlando because you are smart, and a go-getter…however you are not in the business of selling Orlando real estate, so you really do not have a clue about the Orlando Real Estate market or what the property values are. Orlando real estate is simply not your expertise and by the way, Zillow is never accurate either.

I am so sorry that I cannot find you what you have in mind, but after seeing 30 nice properties that you dismissed for trivia, maybe you need to adjust your narrow requirements, expand the area… or raise your budget. If you are not seeing the home you have in mind, just maybe…I mean maybe…could it just be possible…that you are an unreasonable Orlando Home Buyer?

I give up,

Buyer Broker Eve

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