Buzzard taking all the equity

Some Lake Mary Short Sale Sellers really don’t want to sell their house…they just want to pretend to short sale the house… forever… so that they can Dead end for seeing short sale homes live in the Lake Mary home longer…without paying the mortgage.  Harsh?  I don’t think so.  Not all Lake Mary short sale sellers want to make the property available for showing. 

 I know, because I tried to show short sales.

Yesterday I was setting up Lake Mary properties to show …unfortunately, Lake Mary short sale properties were also on the list of Lake Mary homes to show.  In Central Florida about 35% of homes being sold are short sales, so sometimes it is impossible to avoid them… back to my Lake Mary short sale story:

I had no problem getting in to see any of the homes….except half of the short sales.  (even with a lockbox on the house)  “Can you come next week?”,  “Oh gee, no…the dogs will be there” , “11am is too early, can you come between 4pm and 4:15 pm? ”

NO! I can’t…do the short sale sellers really think that I will reschedule the showing for next week?,  or park on the corner till they get out of bed?  Of course not, they just want me to go away… because what if the buyer really wanted to buy it?  Then the sellers would actually have to move!  …and start paying rent!

I used to think that tenants were a problem…but short sale sellers are starting to win the award.  Do Lake Mary Florida Short Sale Home Sellers really want to sell?  Sure, most do…but the number of short sale sellers that don’t want to move is growing.  For sure.

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