The home seller let me in the house and within a few seconds, her dog came out of “no where” and bit me on the calf and drew blood. I said “your dog just bit me”…she said “OH NO, IT WAS NOT MY DOG, MY DOG DOES NOT BITE!! As blood is running down my leg, the seller is insisting I must have hurt myself somewhere else…she was never going to admit that that my bite wound was really made by her dog’s two teeth.

Denial. I understood completely. This is a common problem with dog owners.

beware of the dogsMost dog owners think that their dog is special, (just like an over priced house). They think that just because their pooch loves them, they could never possibly do anything that “out of character”. Wrong. Obedient dogs can bite just like socialized dogs can…given the situation, any dog has the propensity to bite someone. Dogs are still animals and animals are unpredictable…a dog does not have to be mean or a dangerous breed in order to bite. Dogs can bite for protection, or dominance, or fear, or confusion and many times they do not growl or show their teeth, so there is no warning. They just “snap”.

More than one dog in the house is a duplicate problem…”packs” are just like gangs…dogs will exhibit a behavior with a pack that they would never do alone…and many times one dog will simply protect the other dogs in the pack or follow the unprovoked behavior of the pack leader.

When going into the sellers home that has a dog, do not try to approach them, pet them or try to play with them. Best to ignore them, do not give eye contact and if you have to approach, do so from your side, which is less confrontational. If the seller has confined the dogs to a room…skip that room, and don’t try to be a hero.

No one can predict how a dog will react when you come into their domain, their sanctuary, or their den AKA their “home”. You are just an intruder, so your best bet is to be aware and just never trust the home sellers dog.

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