Dr. Phillips Florida is located in southwest Orlando on the Eastern Shores of Lake Butler and is best known for its central location and superb quality of life. Dr. Phillips has more than 144 single family homes available to buy and even though the majority of homes are $500,000 and up…there are some starting in the $200,000’s. Search Dr. Phillips Homes here

Buying a Dr. Phillips home is not like it was in the old days. It used to be that a home buyer would just to call the listing agent, pay the price and not expect home buying representation. Thanks to the internet, consumers are now more informed and making smarter choices on what home they buy, and what agent they choose. Real Estate Agents in Florida come with different title’s and a variety of duties…or maybe even NO duties for the home buyer. Why settle for less?

Choosing Dr Phillips Buyers AgentHere is a quick summary:

Listing agent: works for the seller to get the highest price. Choosing Dr Phillips Buyers Agent

Transaction Broker: a middle person trying to keep both buyer and seller happy.

Buyers Agent in a regular office that also represents sellers; may or may not be on your side…it just depends.

Exclusive Buyers Agent works in a buyer agency office that ONLY represents home buyers; no conflict of interest.

hudgov SAYS:

“If you want someone to represent only your interests, consider hiring an “Exclusive Buyer’s Agent” who will be working for you”

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It is your money, spend it wisely…call Buyers Broker of Florida a Exclusive Buyers Agency office dedicated only to home buyers…407-539-1053

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