Holding an open house should be solely for the benefit of promoting the sellers property. It should not be used for the purpose of snagging buyers so that you can show them a better deal down the street.

Here are some helpful hints:

1. The consumer that comes through the door at your open house is NOT YOUR BUYER. You have “no relationship” with them so they do not belong to you. They might even have an Exclusive Agency relationship with another agent.

2. It is not the consumers job to tell you they have an agent…
they do not have to adhere to any code of ethics. It is your job to ask and respect it. If the “looker” thinks you might not like that they already have an agent, they just might not admit that they really do have an agent. Let them know that their agent is welcome and you will be happy to cooperate. (You are obligated to cooperate anyway)

3. Consider not peppering them with questions. Back off and let them breathe. If you walked into a store and the salesperson started asking you questions, had you sign in and started pushing their product, you would probably want to leave. The visitors are already uncomfortable walking into someone else’s house, so don’t make it worse.

4. Try not having a sign in sheet. If they are free game and they like you, they will offer their REAL phone number to you, instead of you requesting and getting a fake one. If you think you must have them sign in, make a line for their agents name, too.

5. It is not your job to pre-qualify any visitor. Asking for personal or confidential information is acceptable only with an established fiduciary relationship that a buyer has with their buyers agent or their mortgage broker.

6. If the visitor shows serious interest in the property, don’t tell them that they have to submit the offer only through you. That is simply not true…and you know it.

7. If the buyer later submits an offer through their agent, put a smile on your face and be happy that you might make a sale.

8. Don’t rant to the Buyers Agent that you got cheated out of of both ends of the deal. The buyers agent just might decide to dig deep for a nicer house at a better price.

Open houses are open to the public. That includes the curious, the unqualified and those unaccompanied by their agent. Your job is to open the door and welcome all.

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