Attorneys do not advocate for two clients with opposing interests…so how is it that some Windermere Real Estate Agents claim to be able to represent or “partially” represent both the seller AND the buyer in the same transaction? 

The honest answer is they can’t!  If that were really possible, only one attorney would be needed for each courtroom. 

Lets face it…the seller wants the highest price and to repair nothing…the buyer wants the lowest price and everything fixed…both want the most favorable terms…and the agent is stuck in the middle with a major conflict of interest. For more buyer information go to the National Association of EXCLUSIVE Buyers Agents.

So who is REALLY representing you?  Probably no one…  The only solution is to use an Exclusive Buyers Agent.


Exclusive Buyers Agents work ONLY in Buyer Agency Offices that never list property.

Exclusive Buyers Agents NEVER have a conflict of interest

Exclusive Buyers Agents ALWAYS represent the home buyer, never the seller.

Exclusive Buyers Agent are skilled Buyers Agents with the expertise that every Windermere Home Buyer needs, Buyers Broker of Florida is an Exclusive Buyer Agency office in the business of exclusively helping ONLY home buyers…ask us how.  407-539-1053

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