Florida has more than 298,545 Licensed Realtors…who claim to be top SALES AGENTS who SELL the most homes for the highest SALES price for the SELLER.

Florida has less than 50 Licensed Realtors who are TRUE Exclusive Buyer Agents who have NO “SALES JOB” AT ALL. Exclusive Buyers Agents job is to:

  • Advise and advocate only for the home buyers…without “selling”.
  • Help buyers get the lowest price and most favorable terms.
  • Total loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure; 100% for the buyer.

Would you rather be “Sold” a house or would you rather be “Helped”?

As Exclusive Buyers Agents our services are rare, our knowledge is special, and our approach is refreshing…every home buyers needs an Exclusive Buyers Agents.

For Homes outside of Florida, Please go to Naeba.org the “National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents” to find an agent that only represents you the buyer.

For an Exclusive Buyers Agent in Central Florida, please contact Buyers Broker of Florida at 407-539-1053.

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