Why do smart homebuyers in Orlando Florida use Exclusive Buyers Agents to buy a home?  The answer is easy…smart home buyers understand that buyer representation is important and they want the best on their side.  The best for home buying is having an agent solely on your side ONLY , rather than a “Transaction Broker” with the duty to be a “middleman”.   In  Florida, unless you have a written agreement for representation with a true buyers agent, you are working with a  “Transaction Broker” who has no fiduciary duties of total loyalty, confidentiality or full disclosure.  That is why ” Buyer Beware” is something you need Buyer and Seller - ealexander_pending.comto be aware of and why “Kiplinger’s” personal finance recommends that you hire your own buyers agent.

If you are buying a home, “Smart Money” recommends Exclusive Buyers Agents  as the best choice, as there is never a conflict of interest. Exclusive Buyers Agents only work in offices that never represent the seller.

If you had a problem with IRS, the smartest thing would be for you to seek an expert  tax attorney who specializes in the niche rather than a  general practice attorney who dabbles in many things.  Likewise, a smart home buyer will not call the listing agent that represents the sellers or a traditional agent that may occasionally represent a buyer….they will seek an Exclusive Buyers Agent whose specialty and only job it is to take care of them, the home buyer, and never the seller.

Picture this:  you go to court, each side has opposite views…just like in Home Buying.  The seller wants the highest price with no contingencies, no repairs and no delays…the buyer wants the lowest price, most favorable terms and time to investigate the true condition of the property.  Just like the Buyers Agents job is not to help the seller, the Seller Agents job is not to help the buyer. 

Don’t kid yourself, home buying is not like one big happy family at a Christmas Dinner….this is about two parties with opposing interests.   If you do not have an expert Buyers Agentto give you reliable advice, advocate only your position and negotiate only for your best interest, you are at a distinct disadvantage and could end up paying more for a property than you need to.

Exclusive Buyer Agency is a specialty niche that benefits home buyers.  So, be a smart consumer and use an Exclusive Buyers Agent in Orlando to buy your next home in Central Florida or to find an agent outside the area contact the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents.