Only Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando can guarantee 100% Loyalty, all the time on all homes. They will even put that in writing.

No one other than an Exclusive Buyer Agent that works in an Exclusive Buyer Agency office can guarantee 100% loyalty or 100% confidentiality…and there are only 3 Exclusive Buyer Agency offices in Orlando…that never represent sellers.

Most all agents in Florida are Transaction Brokers…they facilitate the transaction without helping either the buyer or the seller…read the disclosures carefully. Partial representation really means NO REPRESENTATION…Transaction Brokers offer no fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality or full disclosure for you the homebuyer.

It is your hard earned money…to spend it wisely, choose your buyers agent carefully…choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent.

exclusive buyers agentCall Buyers Broker of Florida, an Exclusive Buyer Agency Office for a complimentaly phone consultation where you can get straight answers to your hardest questions. We welcome the call…407-539-1053

KIPLINGER’S: “Exclusive buyer agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyers broker in the first place.” “Exclusive buyer’s brokers work only with buyers and don’t take listings. They are obligated to help you find the best deal and lowest price.”

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