Sellers “cheaping out” on repairs happens much too often.  The Florida Home seller who is contractually obligated to fix a few things hires the cheapest handyman to just slap the job together…or maybe even lets the 14 year old son who needs an allowance do it.

Sorry, but that is not acceptable.  The Florida Far-Bar contract calls for repairs to be completed in a workman like manner with a licensed person.  It also states that they have to provide buyer with receipts for any repairs or warranties.  I expect both.

I have a closing right now that is being delayed because the seller does not have a invoice for replacing the electrical panel (lender condition) and Seller was contractually obligated to hire a licensed electrical contractor to do the work and also pull a permit.  He claims that he did that but does not have an invoice…sounds fishy…who pays someone legitimate to do work and then is not able to get a receipt?

Last month I had a seller stuff towels inside a water heater to catch the leaks so it would test dry…seriously. 

I hate to split hairs, but sellers need to abide by the contract…if the contract calls for a repair, I am not their silent buddy…I expect them to fix it correctly.  Florida Home Buyers Beware when Seller cheaps out on repairs.

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