“Home Buyers overpay for housing by more than $10 billion annually due to poor representation” according to Ralph Nadar of the Consumer Federation of America. I heard him say that many years ago, which means that today with the higher price of homes, the number by which home buyers overpay for a property is probably greater than 10 billion.exclusive buyer representation Mr. Nadar has always been a supporter of the consumer and therefor a friend and advocate to good home buyer representation AKA Exclusive Buyer Agency, the purest form of buyer representation with no conflict of interest.

Good home buyer representation is an exception, not the norm and is practiced primarily by a specialty niche of buyer advocates; Exclusive Buyers Agents. There are very few real estate agents that take on the role of representing a buyer with total committment as many worry about being popular with the listing agent or not “upsetting” the seller.

Who cares if the seller is upset? I do not want to upset the seller, but my job is to take care of the buyer…so if the seller does not like it, so what? Whose side am I on???? If I claim to be a buyers agent, than it is my duty to act like a buyers agent!

Besides, many times during the transaction even if the seller is miffed at “those buyer agent advocates” they still ask for our business card behind the listing agents back.

Yes, that is true.

Everyone wants good home buying representation. Don’t you?

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