Multi-Million Dollar Lake Nona Homes are not inspected the same as a typical house sale…a general home inspector is just the beginning. In a 10,000 square foot home not only are there are elevators, extra fireplaces, wine rooms, gas lamps, waterworks, electronic gadgets, and complicated convenience items…but there may also be auxiliary services placed in the wings of the attic.

Here are just 3 important extra inspections to be done on Large Homes or Million Dollar Homes  ar135151610722997

1.  Air Conditioner Contractor:  A house may have 6 or more a/c units; all different makes and models with complicated electronic air filters which may be outside the expertise of a general home inspector, who typically does a cursory examination.

2.  Pool Repair Expert…the person that cleans the pool does not look for problems other than dirt…not only can there be unnoticed problems with the colors of the pool lights, the KOI pond may be loosing hundreds of gallons of water a month too.

3. Roofing Contractor:  Under Florida’s new home inspection rules, home inspectors are only required to eyeball the roof from the ground and even if you get an inspector that is willing to do more…almost no one will get up on a steep or 2-story roof.  Hire a good roofer to walk the roof.

There are other specialist that need to be brought in depending upon what the particular home has:  Elevator, Lutron system, masonry, electrical, and more.

The cost for each inspection varies as each professional will charge for their time, depending upon the complexity.  It is not unusual for a proper home inspection to take more than one day and run into a few thousand dollars.  A small price to pay to learn about the Multi-Million Dollar home that you are buying and you never know…we may even get concessions from the seller who may not be aware of some deficiencies.

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