Why is it that sellers (and agents) think that just because someone does not live at the house they are selling, they know “nothin about nothin” about the condition of the property?

I received a blank sellers disclosure this morning that has this scribbled on it…”SELLER KNOWS NOTHIN’…NEVER LIVED THERE!!

Stop lying. Sellers always know more than you think! home sellers admit to nothing
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I have rental properties that I do not live at…ask me anything about them…I know the status of each because tenants call to complain and I pay the bill to repair.

  • I know exactly when the roof was replaced
  • which house was hit by lightening
  • which dishwasher is grinding
  • which septic backed up
  • and even which tenant loosened the toilet

Unless the house is owned by a bank, or a trust, the homeowner knows a bunch…even if it is a “flip” the investor knows too…so fess up!

Home Sellers please stop lying on the sellers disclosure…get a pen and fill it out…and don’t skip the hard questions just because you don’t want to admit to something.

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