Home inspection for Windermere Florida

I always recommend good home inspectors for Windermere Home Inspections and there is nothing in it for me besides a good home inspection.  I have been told that I am crazy to do that and I should just tell the buyer to find their own inspector. 

Sure I could do that…I could just close my eyes and wash my hands of any liability but my fiduciary duties call for me to use my “expertise” in Real Estate to guide my buyer to use a competent home inspector for Windermere properties, or any property.

I care if my buyer gets ripped off by a home inspector that does a lousy job…and there are a lot of lousy home inspectors out there inspecting homes.

Experienced and Competent Home Inspectors are never the cheapest and they charge by the number of square feet in the home and the extra things that need inspecting like, pool, crawlspace, out buildings etc. 

Some Real Estate agents refer to “good” Windermere home inspectors as “deal breakers”…I refer to them as “good” home inspectors.  I want the Windermere Home Inspector to find everything wrong with the house, not just major deficiencies.  The buyer has the right to know the exact condition of what they are buying.  If the Windermere Home Inspections reveal deficiencies that are unsatisfactory to the buyer and we are unable to re-negotiate the contract, the buyer can typically withdraw from the contract…there are always other Windermere Homes that we can inspect.

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