1.  Decide how badly you want the Windermere house.  If the house is just the run of the mill and you don’t care if you get the house, than you can gamble with your offer.  But if this is the Windermere home of your dreams or one-of-a-kind Windermere property, then stop playing games and buy it.  While you play hardball, your Windermere dream home might just be sold to another Windermere home buyer who recognizes the home value and moves quicker.  Negotiating for a home in Windermere

2.  Look at the home comparable properties of what has sold, but also look at what else is available in the community, and what is under contract waiting to close.  Is there an adequate supply of homes with your criteria?  When there is no supply in a desirable part of town, that makes this property worth more…after all, what else is there to buy?   

Please stay off of Zillow for a bogus Zestimate and just ask me.  I will provide you with more information than you need to make an informed home buying decision.

3.  What to offer on a house depends upon a lot of factors which a good buyers agent can help you with. The home offer depends upon how well the property is priced, the location, the curb appeal, how long it has been on the market, and how much money you need to invest to make it perfect for you.  Your budget or personal situation has nothing to do with the real value of Windermere Real Estate.

4.  If your Real Estate Agent is worried about what the listing agent or seller will think, change agents at your first opportunity.  Making offers to buy Windermere real estate should be done by a professional buyers agent, not a agent who cares more about looking good and remaining popular…and don’t you worry about the seller either…making an offer is just business.  The seller will either accept, counter offer or reject…that is not life threatening.

5.  A “multiple offer” situation means you are in a bidding competition with other home buyers, so  you need to give it your best shot.  Come in with your “highest and best”  offer and do not ask for things that you really don’t care about, because you might not get another chance to change your offer.  Always try to pay your own closing costs and provide a strong pre-approval letter or proof of funds for a cash deal.  The Windermere Florida  property might sell for full price or more…

 I love to negotiate and will always present your home offer in the best light possible. You are the client, so the offer on the house is always your decision…and I will never throw you under the bus…but if you want my opinion, be prepared to hear the truth.

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