imilar to what the Marine slogan says…“I only want a few good home buyers” for Windermere.

Last week someone asked me how many home buyers I was working and then proceeded to tell me that they are working 25 home buyers…Is that really something to brag about? Not in my book, because it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to do a good job or even a halfway good job…even half that amount is too many at one time.

ar135863987887847Working with home buyers is not running an assembly line…it takes time and effort and doing an expert job means you do not take on more bodies than you can handle.

I do not want every home buyer that has a pulse, I just want a few quality home buyers…

  • ready to buy a home
  • realistic about buying a home
  • have the funds to buy a property
  • appreciate my time, effort and hard work

If you are a GOOD home buyer and serious about buying a home I can give you some serious help. Call me to chat. 407-539-1053

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