Ok, let’s talk about home buying reality…no fluff, no baloney, no blue sky…

There is no such thing as a Perfect Home…some are larger, smaller, unique, beautiful and upgraded. Others will have lavish pools and some even have breath taking waterfront views…but NONE will have everything the buyer wants.

Even if the buyer finds a “WOW” house with all their wants, for sure it will come with a higher price tag than what the buyer wants to spend…it always does. Guaranteed.

“A good Buyers Agent job is to manage the buyers expectations so that home buyers are not misled and frustrated in seeking something that does not exist.”

Showing homes until there is nothing left to show is not the answer. Waiting a year is not the answer either unless the buyer is OK with paying more…Orlando home buying statistics say home prices are on the rise.

A Buyer Agents job is to help the buyer understand what their budget will or will not buy…after all that is why buyers hire buyers agents. Home Buyers hire us to because they want our help in sorting things out. All home buyers want a stress free home buying experience. Looking for something that is a needle in the haystack is frustrating and unnecessary. Regardless of the home buying budget, buying a home comes down to making the house work for the buyer. Many homes will fit the bill if the buyer chooses to stay flexible and let it happen.

Reasonable Home Buyers do not have a laundry list of I MUST HAVES…sure they have a few things they must have, but the rest are not absolute needs…not every “want” should be a deal killer.

If a buyer cannot find what they are looking for, more than likely the agent just put them in the car and did not counsel them on their requirements and the reality of the market. What can their money buy? A certain budget will only buy a certain quality of home…if there are any “miracle” homes, either the listing agent will buy it, or they will call their favorite investor and the property will never hit the open market.

If a buyer needs years to find the right home, they are not committed buyers…sometimes during a quest for needless perfection, a home buyer morphs into becoming a professional “looker”. If nothing fits the criteria, the buyer simply has too many expectations on the list. Next time “the perfect” house hits the market, the buyer will probably find a new flaw with that house too. Besides, what is perfection? What is good enough?

There are serious buyers that try to make every house work for them...then there are buyers who look for flaws…and who can’t find a flaw somewhere? Particularly, since there is no such thing as a perfect home. True perfection is always only in the eyes of the beholder…the home buyer.

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