Confused buyers agents

If you read the Florida Real Estate Forums , it is easy to conclude that many Real Estate Agents who call themselves “buyers agents” don’t understand the responsibilities that go along with representing  a home buyer and  always putting the buyer’s best interest first.

Yes, that DOES mean your buyers agent must put your  best interest above their own.  That is a Buyers Agent’s duty, not a choice.

Here are some of the misguided real estate comments I have read from buyers agents who claim to represent home buyers:

  • 1.  “Oh, I would never present THAT offer for the buyer…I have a reputation to uphold.” (A Buyers Agent does has a fiduciary duty to present the buyers offer in the best light possible.)
  • 2.  “I am not going to piss off the seller…I farm that community.”  (No comment needed)
  • 3.  “I would never “investigate” for the buyer…not my job…too much liability(A Buyer Agents job is to use their expertise to dig deeper to make sure that the buyer is aware of any negatives surrounding the home purchase…it is not the buyer agents option to “pick and choose” which fiduciary duty they feel like doing.) 

Real Buyers Agents do not straddle the fence… a Buyers Agent that is truely representing the buyer as a FLORIDA BUYERS AGENT, will focus only on taking care of the Lake Nona Home Buyer’s needs…without exceptions. So, if your Lake Nona Buyers Agent or Orlando Buyers Agent is a Fake, and you are looking for Genuine Buyer Representation in Central Florida, please give us a call.  407-539-1053

 For home buying outside of Florida please go to the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents.

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