Exclusive Buyers Agent in Lake MaryLake Mary Florida has more than 100 single family homes for sale with a median price of about $400,000. Search Lake Mary Homes Here

Home buyers that are considering a home purchase in Lake Mary need to start their home search by first choosing a Buyers Agent that will benefit them in finding, negotiating, and representing only them (the home buyer) without a conflict of interest.

It is your money, you have worked hard…to spend your home buying money wisely, choose your Lake Mary home buying agent carefully…

Consumer reports on Exclusive buyer agent

“How to protect your biggest investment”…more and more buyers have been asking for a “Buyers Agent” that works exclusively for them, not sellers. You can’t have partial loyalty; an agent either works for you or works for someone.”

How an Exclusive Buyers Agent gets paid. The Exclusive Buyers Agents commission is paid by the seller or the listing office, no differently than any other real estate office, but their duties and obligations to the home buyer differ greatly with what an Exclusive Buyer Agency office does every day and what a traditional real estate office transaction broker simply can’t do.

  • An Exclusive Buyers Agent job is to always promote the buyer best interest. Total loyalty.
  • An Exclusive Buyers Agents job is to negotiate for the lowest price and most favorable terms only for the buyer.
  • An Exclusive Buyer Agents job is to disclose everything to the buyer : the good, the bad and the ugly.

Best choice buyers agentAs a one-of-a-kind Exclusive Buyers Agency office in Central Florida, Buyers Broker of Florida is the most experienced Buyer Agency Real Estate office in the state, dedicated to helping home buyers make the best investment choice…that is our only job. Lake Mary Florida is one of the cities that we work in Central Florida. Please call us and ask us your hardest questions, no obligation. 407-539-1053

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