Loch Haven ParkLoch Haven Park is Orlando’s cultural hub for things to do, tranquil green space, and some of Orlando’s best place space.

Every major city should have a place like Loch Haven Park. Located north of downtown by Rowena Gardens, between Interstate 4 and N. Mills Ave., Loch Haven Park is more than Orlando’s best Park, it’s over 45 acres and is the premier cultural Park for the Orlando area. The park itself is nestled between three lakes, Lake Estelle on the north, Lake Rowena on the east, and Lake Formosa on the south. It’s home to dozens of museums, theater groups, Park events, and venues. With majestic oak trees, gorgeous lake views, and the cultural center of Orlando, it’s no wonder this is one of Orlando’s most popular communities.

Loch Haven Park is home to several major cultural venues including:Loch Haven Park

Loch Haven Park is also home to several shops and restaurants with unique combinations like food and antiques, espresso and trinkets and it’s one of the best places to go antique shopping. The park is also home to the oldest oak trees in central Florida.

Because of the commercial district that is the park, most of the homes and real estate are located east of Mills Avenue or west of Interstate 4. Properties around the lake start at about $600,000. Just south and Rowena Gardens homes are more affordable starting at around $300,000. To the west of the freeway, homes are between $280,000 and $900,000 based on size, condition and location. Rest of the freeway is primarily a residential neighborhood but of course, it’s quick access to all the fun and events in Loch Haven Park.

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Image above by Smart Destinations & Mark Goebel