You have worked hard for your money…

Isn’t it time to purchase the luxury home you’ve always wanted?

The process of finding a luxury home that perfectly suits your lifestyle can be quite challenging. It can also be easy and fun. There are many things to consider such as the location, the type of property, your budget and the right Broker for the job.

When searching for an Orlando luxury home, you want to make sure that you prepare yourself with good and reliable information. Gather all your best options for what to buy and where. If in doubt, call Buyers Broker of Florida for a complimentary, no pressure phone consultation 407-539-1053.

Here are some tips for helping you find the luxury home of your dreams.

1. Decide what is most important

The choice of home is completely yours. You are making a serious financial investment, so make sure that it is a smart decision. Before you search for luxury homes in Orlando FL, make a list of the features that are most important to you. Map out your tastes and lifestyle beforehand.

How many number of bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What minimum square footage do you need? Is a pool important? What about waterfront? Picture your ideal new luxury home.

2. Be financially prepared

Don’t wait to find the perfect home before you figure out what your acquisition costs will be. Check it out now, so there are no surprises. The amount involved in buying a luxury home, may be more than expected. So, make sure to cover all your bases when it comes to all financial matters.

If you are planning on financing the purchase of the home, then you should secure a preapproval of your loan. Doing so will prove to the seller that you can afford the property. Getting pre-approved will also put you in a stronger position should the seller receive multiple offers.

If you are paying cash, it is still a good idea to have all necessary documents available that will show you have the funds to complete the purchase. You will need to submit “Proof of Funds” with your offer. The seller will want to see that you are indeed capable of closing on the transaction. Just make sure your bank statement is current and displays the details of the financial institution, with your name as well. No need to include your account number, in fact it is best to redact that prior to submission.

3. Get a top-quality home inspection

Orlando Luxury Buyers Agent

Since luxury homes are in their own league when it comes to its high-end features and systems, you are going to need the services of home inspectors who are knowledgeable about these top-of-the-range home features. You will also need an experienced broker that can advise you on the particular inspections needed.

Having a comprehensive home inspection will show you what property deficiencies may need to be repaired or replaced, or will give you peace of mind that the property has been well-maintained. Aside from that, the home inspection will also advise you of recommended maintenance and needed upgrades in the future for your luxury home.

4. Choose the right agent

Not all agents are created equal. Each have different duties and very few work only for the buyer’s best interest. Homebuyers are best served by choosing an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent to represent only you the home buyer and never the seller. That prevents any conflict of interest.

We at Buyers Broker of Florida understand the way the housing market works in Orlando FL and all the nuances that go along with getting the best buy. We will work solely for you to get the lowest price and most favorable terms. We provide 100% loyalty, 100% confidentiality and full disclosure only to you.

Why settle for less? Let us represent only your best interest and help you buy the luxury home of your dreams.

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