We just had an unhappy Orlando home buyer client because her 3th home offer on the 3th house was not accepted…sold to another home buyer.

She was tired of making offers on Orlando homes that went no where, and somehow she thought it was our fault…

Unfortunately, that is the current real estate market in Orlando.    ar134537542444825

Orlando Home Buyers in the $300K or less price range may need to make several home buying offers before they snag a property…unless they have cash and are not particular about the condition of the Orlando Home they are buying. 

This Orlando Home Buyer was putting down 20% and was not unreasonable in her offers…two were at full price and one at more than full price…the Orlando seller just had better home offers. 

That is our current Orlando Home market.

So to new Orlando Home buyers out there…expect to make more than one offer, because more than likely you will be need to make more than one home offer on a home in Orlando maybe even a bunch of offers on Orlando Homes.

Nothing personal, it is just a sign that the Orlando market has changed…for a custom list of suitable Orlando  homes or to view property, please call us 407-539-1053.

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