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Winter Park, Fl. Home Values: Pricey? At an average selling price of almost $300 per square foot, the city of Winter Park. Fl. 32789 is at the top of the list for desirable, upscale…and expensive. Almost 1 out of every 4 homes for sale in Winter Park Florida 32789 are priced at $1 Million dollars and up….and selling. Most Winter Park homes sell at about 88% of the asking price and there is never a shortage of beautiful homes to see.

Homes in Winter Park, Fl.: These Winter Park homes are marked with charm and elegance, each with its own unique style providing many real estate options, from condo’s to waterfront estates. Within the city are 12 lakes, some of which are connected by navigable canals, called the “chain of lakes”. A single family home on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, which connects to six of the lakes, currently starts at a price of about $1.3 Million.

About Winter Park, Fl. : The city of Winter Park Florida is in a class of its own…best known for its brick streets, mature oaks and various festivals, it is rich with history since before the turn of the 20th century and recognized as the first centrally planned community in Florida.

Winter Park’s famous Park avenue models a European Town with public places for entertainment, big avenues, quaint restaurants, boutique shops, famous art galleries, popular museums, golf courses, a unique train station, country clubs and boat launching on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes. Winter Park Public Schools are ranked at the top along with private Trinity Prepatory School, Rollins College and Full Sail Real World Education.

Winter Park, Fl. Location: Nestled just north of Orlando and located in Orange county Florida, Winter Park covers about 8 square miles and has a population of about 28,000. The location is centrally located and easily accessable making Winter Park a prime real estate target and one of the most desirable places to live. So, if your budget is in the multi-million dollar range, Winter Park Florida is certainly one of beautiful cities you will want to explore.

Pricey? Not to those that live in Winter Park Florida, they call it a great investment, particularly the home buyers for Million dollar homes in Winter Park Florida, 32789.

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