“NO Home sellers disclosures because seller never live there”…give me a break!!

ar137157930510704.Since when does the home seller NOT KNOW what is wrong with the property??…if you really believe that just because a seller does not live there, they know nothing about the property, than you are gullible.

Seriously…I have rental property and I have never lived there. Yet I know which roof has leaked, when the septic was last serviced, if the a/c has been causing problems, and even which toilet is loose.

Things go wrong, tenants complain, and I PAY THE BILLS so I know exactly what is wrong with the property… as do all the sellers who try to side step a property disclosure by dancing around the truth.

The truth is that unless the seller inherited the house last week or the property is an REO, they know a lot more than they are willing to admit. So, don’t let the seller play dumb…

Even though Florida Law does not require a written sellers disclosure, sellers are still required to disclose material deficiencies. So, it is in the home buyers best interest to request a written sellers disclosure as part of the offer to purchase, before settling on the house.

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