Orlando Buyers Agent can recommend good listing agents

Since we are an exclusive buyer agency office that only represents home buyers and never sellers, we do not list property for sale (in order to avoid any conflict of interest). Occasionally, we get requests to list property from sellers or former clients who will ask for a referral to a listing agent. I am flattered when they ask.

I like to refer to the best listing agent who is selling in that community or city and I sift though my experiences with listing agents.Listing agent

I pick the one who I think did a great job for the seller, and the agent that was responsive to whatever needed to be done.

I even love it if the listing agent is a strong advocate for the seller…that is what listing/sellers agents are supposed to do.

I take care of my clients when they are buying a home and I like to know they are well taken care of when they list their home for sale.

If I have had a good experience with a listing agent they are on my list for a future referral…this Orlando Buyers Agent can recommend good listing agents. Just ask me. 407-539-1053

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