Real Estate Agents, lets get real…

keep it realJust because you do not like something an agent did, does not not make it “Illegal”. Illegal means “breaking the law”. Working with a buyer or even snatching a buyer away from you is NOT ILLEGAL.

In most cases, taking a buyer away from an agent is not unethical behavior either. Buyers (and Sellers) are free game until they sign an “EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO REPRESENT CONTRACT” with a real estate broker…that agreement then means that the buyer is “listed” exclusively by that office, and the buyer is no longer on the open market free to work with another agent.

If a home buyer calls our office and is looking for buyer representation, it is irrelevant which agent they were working with previously if they signed nothing…

We do get calls from Buyers who are unhappy with their current agent. Occasionally, the buyer is just too picky and unreasonable and their agent did nothing wrong…but mostly, the buyer just ended up with a lousy agent. I get it. Either way, I will speak with buyer to see if we are a good fit to establish a satisfying working relationship as a buyer client.

Not illegal or unethical…just strictly business without the drama.

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