As an Exclusive Buyers Agent I only work for the home buyer…hook, line and sinker.  My fiduciary duty of “undivided loyalty” is for the buyer.  I negotiate to get the lowest price and most favorable terms ONLY for the buyer. 

Recently there was a blog about greedy buyers and their unsavory agents who dare to ask for appliances along with the purchase offer, instead of sympathizing with the sellers short sale problems. 

Really!  What home seller or home buyer does not have some kind of problem today?

What about my buyers problem of selling all their possessions to scrape together the down payment,  so they can transfer across the country where they have to pay more for a house to get less than they had?  Buyers also have death, divorce, health, and financial issues.

Should I expect a listing agent to talk the seller into discounting the purchase price even more because they should feel sorry for my buyer?  

I think not.  (well…ok, sure, if you want to, no problem).

The sellers problem of finances, short sale, bankruptcy, or divorce does not compel me to become a double agent where I start feeling so sorry for the seller that I negate my buyer client duties.  I am not heartless, I just do not work for the seller.  So why should I feel guilty because the seller is having personal problems and my client wants or needs all the appliances including the riding lawn mower?  In Florida, appliances typically stay with a house anyway…

Real Estate is a business transaction, nothing personal. 

The buyer makes the seller an offer and the seller accepts, rejects or counter offersit is detrimental to the negotiations when the listing agent can’t control their emotions and allows their personal opinion to interfere in the offer…which just might be the best offer the seller gets.

My “Buyer Agent” mindset is no different than an attorney representing a client…my job is to help my client to the best of my ability; not to feel sorry for the seller and talk my buyer out of a better deal.   Besides the seller can always say “NO”. 

As an Orlando Buyers Agent who has a fiduciary duty of “undivided loyalty” ONLY to the buyer, I again say that,  “The Seller is not my problem”.