Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents

Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents are high specialty Buyers Agents…simply because they have to be.   Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents are held to a higher standard of representation and more is expected of them.  Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents adhere  to the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents  (NAEBA.org) Standards of practice that have the highest standards of practice for representing home buyers.

Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents do not avoid responsibility, they welcome it, by specializing in a narrow home buyer specialty niche that is practiced only by the most dedicated real estate buyers agents…which is why there are less than 1,000 Exclusive Buyers Agents in the US and less than 20  Exclusive Buyers agents in Orlando…see video.

Exclusive Buyers Agent have to be highly knowledgeable about every facet related to a real estate transaction because buyers depend on their advice when making home buying decisions.  Agents that exclusively represent home buyers understand real estate property analysis, real estate purchase contracts, 1031 Exchange, negotiations, property values, home inspections, appraisals, investment property, FIRPTA, mortgages, surveys, closing statements and even the small print in a new construction builders contract.

Orlando Exclusive Buyer Agency representation is reserved only for buyers agents who  are confident in their ability to protect the buyers side with expertise…a job,  that is designed only for the cream of the crop Orlando buyers agents.

Why settle for less?   Call 407-539-1053 and select an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents that are high specialty Buyers Agents to represent only your best interest. 

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