An Orlando Home Buyer is either a CLIENT or a CUSTOMER as there are only 2 choices for an Orlando Home Buyers relationship with an agent.  Either the buyer is represented as a client, or they are treated like a customer.  Whether the home buyer is a client or a customer will determine the degree to which they are helped, because each CLIENT  or CUSTOMER relationship comes with a different set of duties and guidelines to follow. 

The difference between an Orlando Home BUYER CLIENT and an Orlando Home BUYER CUSTOMER is like comparing apples and oranges.

ORLANDO HOME BUYER CUSTOMER:  When an agent has a customer, it is an arm’s length transition, where the customer is assisted, but not taken care of with any fiduciary duties. No full loyalty or full confidentiality. No agent is to advocate for the home buyer customer.

ORLANDO HOME BUYER CLIENT: Is a term used when a Home Buyer is fully represented by a buyers agent. The agent owes the  home buyer “client’ full fiduciary duties of full disclosure, loyalty and confidentiality.The agent is required to take care of the home buyer CLIENT and put their best interest above their own interest.

  1. Is the agent required to negotiate the lowest price and most favorable terms for the home buyer? 
  2. Is the agent obligated to do investigative work for the Home Buyer?
  3. Is the agent obligated to keep everying about the buyer confidential?

As a Home Buyer “Customer” the the answer is NO.  As a represented Home Buyer “Client “the answer is YES.

Do you, the Home Buyer, want to be a client or just a customer?  It’s your choice.  For full ficudiary representation where you are only and always a CLIENT, call Orlando Home Buyer a CLIENT or CUSTOMER?us. 407-539-1053

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