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Until you put a written purchase contract in front of the seller with all the terms of your offer, there is no accurate answer, because no one really knows what the seller will take for their home…not even the listing agent.  

Here are some of the things that will influence what the seller wants or will sell the property for:  

  • Is the listed price reasonable?
  • How much is the offer?
  • What is sellers balance owed on the property?
  • What  is seller going to net after paying commissions and settlement charges?
  • Is this enough money to secure the next residence?
  • How much escrow deposit is buyer putting on the contract?
  • How much down payment for mortgage does the buyer have?
  • Does  the buyer need seller to pay closing costs?
  • Does the buyer have a strong pre-approval letter?
  • How good or bad does the property look?
  • Is the buyer asking the seller to fix things?
  • Is the closing date reasonable?
  • How much did the seller pay?
  • What improvements did the seller make?
  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • How many showings or offers has the seller had?
  • How badly does the seller need to sell?
  • Who is making the selling decisions?

and last but not least….

  •  What does the sellers agent think of the offer on the property?

We are experts at helping buyers make offers and more importantly, negotiating for the lowest price and most favorable terms only for you, the buyer.  Let us find out how low the seller will go in Orlando Negotiations.

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