Buyer Representation is not for dummies

A Florida Real Estate License does NOT prepare an Orlando agent to be a good buyer representative.  Orlando home buyer representation is not a “one size fits all” that can be done well by just anyone…Orlando Home Buyer Representation is not for dummies.

Orlando Home buyer representation is a fiduciary duty that places the buyer clients best interest above the interest of the agent…  That means that first and foremost the buyers home representative needs to protect, advise, investigate and advocate with knowledge and know how. This Buyer Representation job is not for dummies.

Good Home Buyer Representation Agent is….

  • An Orlando Buyers Agent that understands the buyer has the right to be represented and does buyer agency because they believe in it, are knowledgeable and are not doing buyer representation just because everyone else is doing it.
  • An Orlando Buyers Agent who knows how to protect the buyer through the entire transaction from the sizing up of properties, formulating offers, re-negotiating contracts and avoiding pitfalls.  A Good Buyers Agent dispenses reliable advice.
  • An Orlando Buyers Agent that avoids  “Conflict of interest”.  Attempting to represent both a Buyer and Seller or promoting company listings is a conflict of interest.  When a Real Estate Agent is involved in a situation where the parties have opposing needs, that alone IS a conflict of interest.

For “no dummies” Expert Home Buyer representation in Florida call Buyers Broker of Florida @ 407-539-1053.  Outside of Florida please go to ( the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents).

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