Why should an Orlando Home Buyer pay for and choose their own title agent/attorney?  Because most Florida title Companies do shoddy work…its just a fact that anyone who is awake knows.

This is just one title company story:ar134494795134373

I got a call from an out of country former buyer last week requesting for me to check into his missing title work.  He still had not gotten the title insurance or deed from the title company of the sellers choice…and it has been 5 months since closing. 

My clients typically hire their own title company but in this case it was an approved short sale where an attorney already did the work, and the seller wanted them…regardless… I should have known better and insisted that the buyer get their own title attorney for the title work.

OK, so I call.  This Orlando title company never answers the phoneis continually on voice mail and the office manager that eventually calls me back sounds like a “valley girl” still in high school…and of course she does not understand why I think there is a problem. 

I learn that they did not send deed and title insurance because this title company is still waiting for the “release” from the bank for the short sale…Yikes!…it has been five months!  Shouldn’t there be some sort of deed at closing?

Now the buyer has to hire an attorney to straighten this out.  Unnecessary stress.

Issues like this happen all the time in Florida and these are things that a buyer is never aware of until it becomes a problem… which is why Orlando Home Buyer should always choose thier own title company.

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