Oh please, zip it up…because the more you talk, the higher the price goes… Homebuyer talking too much - ealexander_pending.com

I love my Orlando Home buyer clients, but sometimes they just talk too much…to the listing agent or sellers…or anyone that will listen…blah, blah, blah.  Listing agents and sellers do not need to know anything about you…not your stardom, not where you live, not your career, not the number of other homes you own, how well your company is doing or how much you made last year…not even why you are buying.  ORLANDO HOME BUYERS, PLEASE REMAIN SILENT!

I had a recent Orlando Home buyer who started to chat with the listing agent that opened the house for us…the home buyer told the sellers agent  everything about their life…and how much they loved the house!   When we left, the home buyer turned to me and said“OK Eve, I want you to negotiate a really low price“.

Really?   After you shoot your mouth off about your extravagant taste and and how bad you want this wonderful Orlando house, now you want me to convince everyone that you really cannot afford to pay more and will move on to your less expensive 2nd choice? …the 2nd choice that you really don’t have?

OK, I can do that. 

BUT…I could have done much better if the other side did not have a pre-conceived picture of you…they might not even like you!   No one needs to know about who you really are, except me and I can be trusted not to say anything that will work against you.  SO TO ALL MY WONDERFUL ORLANDO HOME BUYER CLIENTS:…”you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you…


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