ORLANDO HOME BUYING IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS…not everything that the seller claims is accurate. I don’t like it when home sellers misrepresent the Orlando home to Orlando home buyers. Once a seller fibs, what else are they hiding?

orlando sellers lieHere are some of the things that home sellers fib about to Orlando Home Buyers:

1. The sellers disclosure. Home seller clearly knows about a re-occuring problem but does not admit that any problem exists…(the same problem that even the neighbors know that the seller really does have and are willing to talk about)

2, The improvements to the property…Home sellers claim that they upgraded the house, (but really did not)…which they insist justifies the higher asking price. They will claim that they spent big bucks re-modeling the kitchen…when the previous listing on the house shows that they bought the property with the kitchen already remodeled.

3. The home repairs that they did…Home sellers say they pulled permits…hmmm, not so…I checked. They claimed someone licensed recently fixed all the shoddy looking electrical, but now can’t get a receipt from the company…sure.

Why bother with a fib? Why not just tell the Orlando Home Buyer just like it is? Orlando Home Buyers appreciate honesty.

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orlando seller lying about the house

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