Managing Luxury Homes in Orlando is not the same as general property management. It takes a white glove touch with a seasoned professional to personally see to the care of the luxury property with the highest home

luxury homeMike Alexander manages luxury mansions owned by out of town clients. He checks on them weekly for a detailed walk-thru turning on all the faucets, and checking for leaks, electrical issues and making sure that the air conditioner is working properly….just to name a few. This Luxury Property manager also makes sure that the car battery and the golf cart is always charged.

Luxury Home Management duties are many from managing the hired help for cleaning, landscaping, pool maintanence and being present for all repairs or renovations. Mike knows exactly how everything is supposed to operate and makes sure that the property is always in pristine condition. He hires only experts and always negotiates to save the client money.

Luxury Home management is ala cart. You decide what you need and pay for the services performed…Luxury Home Management is not one size fits all…it is always customized. Call Mike for a confidential consultation at 407-539-1053

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