Orlando New Construction Best Home Buying Advice is to find a savvy Real Estate Buyers Agent that understands the nuances of New Construction in Orlando and can help guide you to make a good investment decision. Buying new construction is a very different kind of home buying.

Buying new construction is never what it seems and “Upgrades” can be very confusing.

Orlando new construction upgradesWhat you see in an Orlando New Construction home is not what you get. A new construction model home may have another 50% in upgrades. This means that on the $300,000 base price new construction home, the model home may actually have another $150,000 in upgrades. Sometimes almost everything you see is an upgrade. The size of windows, the front door, the kitchen light fixture, and even the spigots on the outside of the home. Some builders build “bare bones” and then give you 50 pages of upgrades to choose from. Now What?

Not every upgrade is a good thing…

There are upgrades that are necessary, there are upgrades that will help with resale value and there are upgrades that are a big waste of your money. Home buyers struggle with this, because this is not their expertise… most home buyers are already overwhelmed just with the number of choices to be made. Knowing what are valuable upgrades is part of our routine, so we promise to help you make good choices.

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