Most buyers walk into an ORLANDO NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION CENTER and fall in love….. secret

The Orlando New Home is staged to look bigger, the Orlando New Home is planned with the best view, the Orlando New Home is sparkling perfect and the Orlando New Home is GORGEOUS!!

Orlando Home Buyers love it, want it and will do anything to get it…including being impulsive without thinking about what they are committing to or reading anything before the sign.

Here is what Orlando New Construction Home Buyers do not see…the secrets in the small print, the secrets that the nice builder sales person with the big smile does not mention, the secrets that may make you re-think what you buy…


Here are some Orlando New Home Construction Secrets:

1.  The builder typically has up to 2 years to complete your home.

2.  The sale might not be subject to your financing…you don’t qualify, you simply forfeit your deposit.

3.  The sale might not be contingent on the property appraising at your purchase price…if the appraisal is short, you pay the difference…or walk away and loose your deposit.

4.  The model home is not what you get…even having a bathroom door may be an “upgrade” (true story…only $175 more) 

5.  You might not be told about all the “flex” money or all incentives available to you.

Bringing your Buyers Agent along with you is a good thing. We are experienced in negotiating the best New Home terms available, selecting upgrades that make you money and advising you of your best options. NO HOME BUYING SECRETS WITH US…just ask.

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